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Case Results And Judgments

Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy has helped to make important new law in Alaska.

Protections Of Public Retirement Benefits

In Municipality of Anchorage v. Gentile, 922 P.2fd 248 (Alaska 1996), important new law protecting public retirement benefits was made when the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the Municipality of Anchorage could not unilaterally cut the health retirement benefits of retired Anchorage police officers and firefighters.

In Municipality of Anchorage v. Gallion, 944 P.2d 436 (Alaska 1997), Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy, representing both active and retired Anchorage police officers and firefighters, stopped the Municipality of Anchorage from transferring funds from one pension plan to another, thus preserving the integrity of those funds for the protection of the pension plan members. This decision subsequently led to the distribution of surplus funds directly to hundreds of active and retired police officers and firefighters.

Change In Legal Framework

In Chizmar v. Mackie, 896 P.2d 196 (Alaska 1995), in ruling for Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy‘s client, the Alaska Supreme Court established the rule that physical harm is not necessary to establish an independent cause of action for the negligent infliction of emotional distress where a special relationship exists between the injured party and the tortfeasor.