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Judgments and Testimonials

Appellate Judgments

Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy has helped to make important new law in Alaska.

In Municipality of Anchorage v. Gentile, 922 P.2d 248 (Alaska 1996), important new law protecting public retirement benefits was made when the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the Municipality of Anchorage could not unilaterally cut the health retirement benefits of retired Anchorage police officers and firefighters.

In Municipality of Anchorage v. Gallion, 944 P.2d 436 (Alaska 1997), Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy, representing both active and retired Anchorage police officers and firefighters, stopped the Municipality of Anchorage from transferring funds from one pension plan to another, thus preserving the integrity of those funds for the protection of the pension plan members. This decision subsequently led to the distribution of surplus funds directly to hundreds of active and retired police officers and firefighters.

In Chizmar v. Mackie, 896 P.2d 196 (Alaska 1995), in ruling for Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy's client, the Alaska Supreme Court established the rule that physical harm is not necessary to establish an independent cause of action for the negligent infliction of emotional distress where a special relationship exists between the injured party and the tortfeasor.


Finding the right lawyer isn't easy, is it? In fact, it's every bit as tough as finding a good doctor. How are you supposed to tell whether a physician who sounds like he/she knows what he/she is talking about has kept up on the latest medical developments, or has the skill and judgment that you seek?

It's nice to have a physician with a good bedside manner and a friendly receptionist, but is it a substitute for professional excellence? Of course not.

The same questions are equally pertinent to choosing a good lawyer. If you're not a lawyer yourself, how can you tell? The two best ways to tell may be the lawyer's reputation among his or her colleagues, and what the lawyer's clients say.

Below is what some of Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy's representative clients say about the firm, Dan Hickey and Peter Gruenstein:

"It isn't easy finding lawyers who turn out a consistently first rate product, whose judgment you can trust and whose integrity you can rely upon. We retained Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy as our principal law firm because of its reputation both for excellence and integrity. And we haven't been disappointed. Both Dan Hickey and Peter Gruenstein are outstanding litigators and counselors. Their work is consistently excellent, and we know Dan and Peter always put our interest first."

E. Al Parrish
Former C.E.O., Regional Vice President
Providence Health & Services - Alaska


"An acquisition was imminent. A monopoly to be created. Our survival as a company in doubt. Our thanks to Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy. A victory won for fairness in competition and for the consumers of Alaska."

Shell Ewing
Weld Air Alaska Inc.


"I own and manage a 35-employee construction company in Juneau. Given both the nature of our work and the size of our company, we have a wide variety of legal needs. Despite the fact that there are a number of fine attorneys in Juneau, for the past dozen years or so we have relied on Dan Hickey to represent us in all of our litigation, and for good sound legal advice. He has gotten us out of more jams than I can remember. I trust him totally. His experience and good judgment are valuable assets to our company."

William R. "Shorty" Tonsgard, Jr.
Channel Construction, Inc.


"Our firm retained Peter Gruenstein to assist in resolving a dispute with a large governmental agency. Peter became thoroughly familiar with complicated and detailed issues in our industry and structured them into strong legal arguments. We were impressed with the staff's meticulous research of complex rules of law as they prepared our case for litigation, all the while emphasizing the advantages of negotiation and settlement. Through their unyielding efforts, Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy facilitated an agreeable legal settlement and monitored the results for almost a year afterward. Most importantly, Peter's representation and guidance resulted in a positive and ongoing relationship with the governmental agency, enhancing the future of our company."

Gabriel A. Lujan
Frontier Medical


"When my son was hit on his bicycle by a truck driven by a 16-year-old, the police officer cited my son (unjustly, I thought). After several other lawyers wouldn't touch the case, we went to Peter Gruenstein. He took the case because he agreed it was an injustice. He fought for us all the way, got the ticket reversed, and obtained a much better settlement than we thought we would get. I can't thank him too much, and I would recommend him to anyone."

Gina Alili


"Peter Gruenstein got me out of the biggest jam of my life. I'll always be grateful for his skill, wise counsel and tenacity."

Gary Bock


"Mr. Gruenstein has represented our organization several times in cases that span a large area of the law - from anti-trust cases involving mergers of grocery stores and gas suppliers to a public policy matter involving judicial appointment. The responsiveness and attention to detail are unsurpassed. The work is consistently first rate. The lawyers and staff at Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy have always kept us up-to-date and provided honest and forthright summations of options available to us. It's not easy finding first rate lawyers who really care about the public interest. AkPIRG has been lucky to have Gruenstein, Hickey, Havelock & Duffy on its side."

Steve Cleary
Alaska Public Interest Research Group

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