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Anchorage Attorneys Handling Class Action Lawsuits

A class action is a type of civil litigation that involves multiple plaintiffs who have a grievance against a single defendant. Typically, a class action will be brought by numerous individuals who have had similar experiences with the same company or institution.

The primary benefit of a class action is that a group can address a problem more powerfully and more affordably than an individual, confirming the value of strength in numbers. When a large organization has harmed numerous customers, clients, employees or citizens in the same fashion, bringing a class action is often the most effective way to right the wrong. When a settlement or verdict is reached in a class action, the members of a class typically share financial compensation.

Providing Strong Representation In Class Actions

At Gruenstein & Hickey our attorneys are highly experienced in the area of class actions. Equipped with more than 30 years of experience with high-stakes civil and criminal trials, we advocate for the rights and interests of clients in Alaska and the Lower 48 in matters related to:

  • Consumer protection cases: We work to right wrongs done to consumers in matters involving fraudulent and deceptive business and marketing practices, defective and dangerous products, and other matters.
  • Public pensions: Our firm has represented pensioners whose pensions have been mishandled or invested irresponsibly. In numerous cases, we have recovered significant damages on behalf of our clients.
  • Antitrust matters: Antitrust laws exist to keep business fair. We have represented clients in class actions against corporations that have illegally monopolized their industries or segments of industries in order to keep prices up.

Anchorage And Juneau Class Action Litigation Attorneys

Searching for Anchorage-based lawyers handling class action lawsuits? Contact Gruenstein & Hickey to discuss your concerns and get your questions answered. We offer a free consultation.

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